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Kid Approved…Spooky Dinner

You know the days when you look at the clock and its already 5 PM and you realize you haven’t even thought about dinner yet??

Yeah that is pretty much me EVERY day! But the great part about October is I was able to put a Spooky twist on a family favorite Pig in Blankets! Don’t worry this dinner takes all of 30 minutes…and that includes prep and cook time! I’m all for quick easy dinners and what makes it better is the kids love it, and they love it even more when it has a twist! When I told the girls we were going to have a Spooky dinner they got all excited and decided that the sides needed to have spooky names too!! The mac n cheese(box style) became worms and the peas were ghost poop!

So lets talk about how to create these Mummies!!

It is the easiest thing ever I promise!

All you need is a double pack of hot dogs(ours had 10 dogs) and a can of pillsbury crescent rolls. Already the best meal ever for those late nights or busy days that you forget about dinner! 2 ingredients!!

Step 1:
Open the can of crescent rolls and grab your pizza cutter…and cut into thin slices!

Step 2:
Wrap each hot dog with at least 2 of the crescent slices! As a tip grab a paper towel and dry your hot dogs off before you wrap them.

Well thats it! Bake as directed on the crescent rolls(Bake @375 for about 20 minutes)!

I told you this dinner was easy!!! Now you can always get all cute if you want and add eyes and such….but lets be real I’m a mom with 2 kids who are hungry and ready to eat! I know I don’t have time for that much less the bellies of my ‘starving’ children. Check out the cooked Mummies below and Pin it!

How do you add a “Spooky” twist to dinner?

~Bridgette & Joey

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