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My Kids Favorite Books

Today we wanted to share some of the books that our girls love! Keep in mind we have a 1st grader(6yrs old) and a 3yr old. Pippa, loves to read and has really blossomed into a great reader for her age! She will even ready books to her sister Annabel! Annabel will read to herself by making up the story based on the pictures..which again is pretty awesome for her age(we are a little biased, lol)! So lets get on with the books, I’ll provide links to where you can purchase these books for your kids too!


This is just one of the many books by Mo Willems, but they are all fun and easy reads for beginner readers.  Pippa has moved past these books as far as skill level but these books are part of the reason! She was able to have fun learning to read with these cute simple stories! She really enjoys reading these books to her sister and sister loves all the pictures! You can order this book and many of the others by Mo Willems on Amazon for under $10


This one is Annabel’s favorite books! She loves Rapunzel and her long hair, she is even trying to grow hers out just as long! Now these Step into Reading books have a lower step below 1 and go all the way up to 4.  We have many of these types of books in our house and they make reading exciting when your kids get to see they are ready for step 2 or 3! And when they reach step 4, man seeing that face light up and seeing them realize how much they have learned, its exciting! Most of these books you can get from Amazon for $5 or less 


Ok, so this is a book set! Have you heard of Usborne Books? No I’m not a consultant but one of my friends is and I’m so happy we found them! This is the Very First Reading Set. Each book is a slight step up from the last, and its a great way for kids to build up their reading skills and sight words. This set will run you about $70( but remember your getting 15 books! I know you and your kids will love this set as much as we have!


If your young reader is ready and excited to start chapter books…then this Usborne series is a fun one to introduce to them! Pippa just started chapter books and loves how fun these are! They are relatable for her age and great at capturing her attention! These books will run you about $5( for each paperback book! These are defiantly a great addition to your home library!


This is one that I think is great to have a copy for each child! Everyone loves Dr. Seuss books and this one is the perfect one to have teachers sign at the end of pre/school each year! Its a fun one to read to your kids and have them read to you, too! But I love the memories that will come with this book! You could even take it with you on vacations and write a memory from that trip…Oh, the places your kids will go and the memories they can share with their kids one day with one simple book! This one will run about $16 on Amazon!

We have many other books that our girls love to read…but we will save those for another post! Reading doesn’t have to be a chore for your kids…it can be so much fun and its one of the best ways for them to learn about life, emotions, and good ole reading skills! Read with your kids, make your kids read to you, tell them to read in silly voices or make up a story from the pictures! Enjoy the little moments you get with your kids they are only little for a while!

Let us know what books your kids are loving!! We love adding to our home library!

~Bridgette & Joey

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