Oh the Snoring… Pug!

Shhh…. Open your mouth to breathe…. UGH you’re so loud, are all things I say to my pug on the daily!!

We all love our pets, but if you’re like us there are some days you wonder! Haha

Meet Alexander the Great, our Pug!

Ok, he doesn’t’ look like that anymore, but boy was he so cute!  So cute in fact we spent a pretty penny on him and then on his nose surgery (his nose was almost completely closed).  It was about this time we learned that our pug’s mother was also his sister and his dad also his grandfather.  The vet warned us that not only was he the product of a puppy mill but because of his inbreeding he would probably be an unhealthy pug! Not what we wanted to hear…but he was ours! So on with Pug life we went! We also quickly learned that nose surgery did not help the snoring problem!

“I’m a Bee”

We started calling him Piggy, mostly because he sounded like a pic! He would snore when was sleeping, eating, running, watching TV, really, he snores almost 24 hours a day. Well unless his head is in the exact right spot to breathe with no sound!  He also looked like a pig and ate like a pig! I mean the curly tail is cute and when he finds the neat pile you just swept…well he is excellent at getting all the crumbs out of it causing you to re-sweep the area!

Let’s fast forward to our now 9-year-old Pug who is healthy as can be I might add! You guessed it, he still snores…louder every day!  Now old enough to officially be considered a senior yet young enough that he still has many, many, many years of life left on him! I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up in the Guinness Book of World records for being the healthiest and oldest living pug one day!

Piggy is something else for sure and we love him, even with the snoring! If you’re looking for a great family dog…I can highly recommend the Pug!

We would love to hear about your pets, too! Please share a short story in the comments or find us on Facebook and post a picture of your pet(s) and share your story there! Who knows I may do a blog in the future and feature your pets (along with a Giveaway)!


~Bridgette & Joey

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