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Wetting a Line…

Some guys like to hunt, work on cars, woodwork, and much more.  As the old saying goes, “As a boy grows older his toys just get bigger and more expensive!”  I’ve tried my hand at a few different “guy” hobbies.  But that saying is so true; hunting= guns/clothes/decoys, cars= $Big$, woodworking= saws/clamps/wood/specialized tools. Although I… Read More Wetting a Line…

Not So Perfect, School

The Perfect 1st..

The first day of school, the day ALL moms in the land of Facebook seem to have it all together!  You know the ones, with their nice organized lunch prepped refrigerators!  Don’t let Facebook fool you though, we are all still just moms with the Superpower to get our kids out the door and to… Read More The Perfect 1st..


Oh the Snoring… Pug!

Shhh…. Open your mouth to breathe…. UGH you’re so loud, are all things I say to my pug on the daily!! We all love our pets, but if you’re like us there are some days you wonder! Haha Meet Alexander the Great, our Pug! Ok, he doesn’t’ look like that anymore, but boy was he… Read More Oh the Snoring… Pug!