Not So Perfect, School

The Perfect 1st..

The first day of school, the day ALL moms in the land of Facebook seem to have it all together!  You know the ones, with their nice organized lunch prepped refrigerators!  Don’t let Facebook fool you though, we are all still just moms with the Superpower to get our kids out the door and to school!

In our Welcome post, we told you we would be honest…so that means we won’t pretend to be perfect just for the internet!

Day one of 1st grade for our daughter Pippa was anything but perfect.  Do we have to feed them breakfast?  Nah…as I quickly log in to the meal account to add money! Well, that was easy, except now we have to be out the door 10 minutes earlier than planned! Ha-ha

The one thing I didn’t have to worry about was what she was going to wear…one of the few perks of uniforms!  (Sorry, not sorry I’m not a fan of uniforms!)  While the outfit was easy there was a little shoe battle…sandals that barely fit from last year or new shoes we just purchased the week prior!  Great, sandals it is, Kid-1 point & mom zero!

Ok, 10 minutes and the hubby says he is taking her to school now…now begins the rush to pack a lunch…. not…we don’t have any bread…good thing I just loaded money on the meal account! We are rocking this thing called parenting!

Let’s not forget the picture… we were prepared for that at least!

Clearly we need to work on our Perfect 1st day of school picture! lol

Well it wasn’t perfect but that’s us!  I’m sure many moms feel like failures compared to the Facebook moms out there! But I’m sure the Facebook moms that seem to have it all together are just like those of us that are often times running around like a crazy person!  Just remember to press on, your kids are watching you and they can see how hard you work to make each and every day a great day for them!  So, to the perfect not so perfect moms out there take a minute, breathe, smile, and pat yourself on the back!! Being a MOM is your Superpower!!

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~Bridgette and Joey

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