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Wetting a Line…

Some guys like to hunt, work on cars, woodwork, and much more.  As the old saying goes, “As a boy grows older his toys just get bigger and more expensive!”  I’ve tried my hand at a few different “guy” hobbies.  But that saying is so true; hunting= guns/clothes/decoys, cars= $Big$, woodworking= saws/clamps/wood/specialized tools.

Although I have found one hobby that doesn’t cost much.  And for me that is fishing.  Now if you ask the wife I have spent tons of money on lures, part of that though is I like to “collect” that stuff because I really just fish from the shore.  It also doesn’t help the collecting, that my kids love to collect lures with me!  You don’t need much to get into fishing, an old rod & reel, line, a hook, and some bait.  I know you can get fancy & expensive when it comes to fishing but you’ve got to start somewhere.

So, what is it about bank fishing that excites me?  Well you can do any type of fishing you want to from the bank.  Catfish, bass, bream, trout, carp, reddrum, pike, walleye it doesn’t matter.  Yes, it may take different types of tackle and bait to go after certain species.  But unlike hunting, relatively cheap to get into and easy to find public fishing locations.  Unlike working on cars, you can jump from species to species easily.

Now you are probably asking what have I caught, how big are my trophies, etc.  Well, I typically go out and catch and release.  And like I said I bank fish at public over fished areas, so those are my excuses.  Honestly, I’ve never caught much or any large trophy fish.  Its more about spending time in God’s creation, enjoying the scenes, listening to the sound of silence.  The time is about relaxing.  But most importantly is about spending time with my family.  I often don’t fish alone, sometimes the wife will go, but usually it’s my 6-year-old.  She enjoys spending time with me and I cherish every moment.


Then how do I make it fun for a 6-year-old who has to consistently be entertained?  I select the species and location that I know she’ll catch something.  She can grab her own worm and cricket, I just have to hook it.  One day this past summer, she would catch a little bream faster than I could bait my own hook.  She out caught me 10 to zip that day!  That’s fine by me, she had a blast! So, go spend some time with your kid, wetting a line, make it fun and enjoy the time spent with them…they aren’t young forever!

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~Joey and Bridgette

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